Future Readiness Report

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Oxford Business Group and Al-Rashed International Shipping team up
Future Readiness Report
23 فبراير 2022


Oxford Business Group and Al-Rashed International Shipping team up

for Future Readiness Report


Kuwait, February 2022: A new Future Readiness Report (FRR), produced by Oxford Business Group (OBG) in partnership with Kuwait’s Al-Rashed International Shipping, maps out the opportunities emerging for the Gulf’s shipping and logistics service providers against a backdrop of supply chain disruption and digital transformation.   


The report marks the latest addition to OBG’s suite of business intelligence and advisory tools. It analyses the current state of the Gulf shipping and logistics sector following two years of pandemic-related disruptions, the adjustments made by operators to mitigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities, and their plans for future growth and long-term value creation. Its three sections – Preserve, Pivot and Prosper – combine in-depth analysis of the industry’s performance and fortunes with key data and infographics in an easy-to-navigate and accessible format.


With forecasts pointing to a prolonged period of accelerated growth for the shipping industry, the report explores the potential to increase freight capacity despite price pressures created by container backlogs.


It also looks at the key role that advanced technologies and innovation are poised to play in helping industry players navigate future disruptions within the supply chain, especially in the warehouse and distribution segments. In this section, the importance of addressing cybersecurity risks when implementing new tech solutions is also analysed.


The increased focus on reducing carbon emissions within the industry, and the challenges and opportunities presented to operators by the transition to net-zero, are also the subject of wide-ranging coverage. Here, the report examines the raft of environmental regulations under consideration globally, and the measures needed to reduce scope III emissions.


Subscribers will also find coverage of the major trade-related infrastructure plans under development in the Gulf, which could lower logistics costs and boost regional competitiveness once complete.


In addition, the report tracks Al-Rashed International Shipping Company’s growth story, mapping out the firm’s regional expansion and diversification progress, including efforts towards digital transformation, the upgrading of third-party logistics (3PL) capabilities, and the creation of an inclusive business environment.


The FRR includes an interview with Ravi Varrier, CEO, Al-Rashed International Shipping Company, in which he highlights the steps being taken by shipping companies around the world to adopt green strategies and operate sustainably.


“Companies in the GCC are no different and are pursuing a common front on green practices, in line with long-term visions of development for an oil-independent future,” he said. “Shipping companies in the region began to make changes after the adoption of lower sulphur emission standards in 2020. Today, they are working towards future-oriented solutions like alternative fuels and electric ships.”


Jana Treeck, OBG’s Managing Director for the Middle East, said that shipping and logistics companies in the region are well placed to benefit from the release of pent-up demand and the broader post-pandemic recovery.


“Industry players located in the GCC are implementing their growth plans at a time when governments across the region are stepping up their economic diversification efforts and encouraging private sector advancement,” Treeck said. “We expect the development of new export-oriented industries and related infrastructure projects to play a key part in driving sectoral expansion as logistics service providers prepare their operations for a new era that will be marked by digitalisation and environmental sustainability.”


The Future Readiness Report is a new research tool that OBG is now producing with its partners, alongside other highly relevant, go-to research tools, including ESG Intelligence reports and a range of Growth and Recovery Outlook articles and interviews.


This report is now available to view and download at: https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/news/report-gulf-shipping-and-logistics-sector-future-ready


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