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Modern day Kuwait has come a long way from the small pearl fishing community of the early 1900s. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, it is the world’s eleventh richest nation, boasting a free and thriving economy, a well funded education system and the second highest literacy rate in the Middle East. The echoes of the old pearl fishing tradition, however, continue to resonate strongly today. Kuwait has developed one of the largest shipping industries in the Persian Gulf, not only handling exports but also importing the vast array of materials required for industrial and commercial development, along with goods and food for its multifaceted population.

One of the leaders of the Kuwaiti marine industry is Al Rashed International Shipping Co., a division of The Al-Rashed Group—a long established trading company founded in 1911 by Late Mr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Mohsin Al-Rashed, from the highly respected Al-Rashed family.

Launched in 1952, it wasn’t until 1991 when Kuwait faced the challenge of rebuilding its devastated infrastructure following the depredations of the Iraqi invasion that Al Rashed International Shipping Co. saw the opportunity to diversify and build a much stronger and larger company. Al Rashed International Shipping Co. has since then grown and has established itself as a leader in the maritime industry in Kuwait.

As Shipping Agents, Charterer's, Contractors, Freight Forwarders we take on all types of shipping requirements from specialized vessel to Passenger Ferries, Freighters, Container Ships, Bulk Carriers RORO Vessels, Lash Vessels, Cattle Carriers and Oil Tankers.

A complete range of freight services is provided by our company from ship-to-store transportation, customs clearance, forwarding and warehousing.

With an outstanding track record of past successful years and a high level of shipping experienced staff, and superb customer service, Al-Rashed International Shipping Co. enjoys a leading edge in the local shipping industry.

Al Rashed International Shipping Co.,Kuwait has been awarded the quality management system certification with UKAS accreditation as per the ISO 9001:2008 standards in the year 2010. This certification acknowledges the Quality system maintenance in the company’s activities of shipping, vessel handling, air & ocean freight, inland transportation, project logistics, warehousing and integrated supply chain solutions.


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