Projects (2003-2004)

1. Perini - Kuwait

This project was mainly concerned with the installation of Hydro Electricity at three different bases in Iraq namely at Buzurgan, Khor Al Zubyr, Nazariya & Basra.These sites were exported with Electrical Power Generation Device and Hydro plant under the main supervision of US Corps of Engineers. As a subcontract for this project, Euro Mechanical Engineering (based at Dubai) was also involved in this project. Al Rashed International Shipping Co. was given this project for getting all ground supporting materials from Dubai to Kuwait by sea and then further moving to Basra Air Port for their distribution.

2. Nimrod - Dubai

This project was mainly contributed to British Force installation at Basra International Airport/Shuaiba Logistics Base & Umm Qasr Port.Al Rashed Intl Shipping Co., Kuwait has done the job of supplying more than 10,000 sets of Ballistic Helmets, boots and bullet proof vests to them.Other than this general group support materials were also exported.

3. UNAMI - Kuwait

Export/import job & transportation of vehicles, medical equipments & accessories for United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq to Arbil and Baghdad was carried out by Al Rashed Intl Shipping Co., Kuwait.

4. IOM - Kuwait

This project was carried out for International Organization for Migration (IOM) which comes under United Nations was also one of the export project to Iraq held by Al-Rashed Intl Shipping Co.,Kuwait.Public health conscious program/medical support materials, general public clothing & daily usage materials were exported to remote areas at Iraq.