Projects (2005)

1. Kuehne & Nagel

Al Rashed Intl Shipping Co.based at Basra are the prime project coordinators for importing and customs clearance & transportation of heavy equipments at Oil sectors in Umm Qasr/Basra (Iraq).

2. Kellogs Brown & Roots (KBR)

Al Rashed International Shipping Co. had carried out all the projects involved with KBR Kuwait within this period. It includes the clearance & delivery/import and export for all kind of jobs through Land/Sea/Air during the period from 2003 to 2005 to Iraq & worldwide.

3. Prime Project International

PPI, Kuwait was a new born company in Kuwait who got direct contract with KBR for installation of temporary shelters and electrical supply devices at different US Army base at Iraq. After US Army has taken over Iraq general administration as peace keeping force, new US Army camps were built at different locations in Iraq.All temporary shelters were supplied by PPI,Kuwait.These shelters and ground supporting accessories were brought from Dubai by Road and Sea. Al Rashed Intl Shipping Co.was the prime contractor for PPI.