Projects (2008-2009)

1. General Dynamics

Al Rashed Intl Shipping Co. has been successfully performing the import & export of various kinds of jobs for General Dynamics worldwide for both Kuwait & Iraq since 2008. Its a ongoing process & will be continued in the future with clearance & delivery of goods to various destinations.

2. Kalpataru (MEW Project)

We are performing the transportation & delivery containers on a periodical basis for Kalpataru project (India) along with the customs clearance & delivery of various goods.

3. Aggreko

We have successfully performed the movement of Gensets & various other accessories from Dubai to Iraq under this project & have done the demobilisation of the same. Its again the ongoing project.


4. Al Morell Development

In connection with the above projects, we are doing the transportation of Gensets & other commodities for this major project along with the clearance of the same.